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What is digital.engagiert?

digital.engagiert is a support initiative of Amazon and Stifterverband. It supports non-profit organizations’ and social enterprises’ digitization projects. The second round, in 2019, focuses on education: projects that digitally complement educational formats and services or completely rethink them – so that the next generation can learn necessary future skills. 12 jury-selected teams are supported financially along with a personalized coaching program, external expertise, events and a final awards ceremony with potential extra prize money.

Which ideas are we interested in?

An app that reduces the administrative workload for day-care centers - or playfully implements concepts of anti-prejudice education. A language-controlled vocabulary trainer for basic Latin. Digital tutoring for primary school pupils or mentoring for young people who have recently arrived in Germany. These are just some of the approaches that can empower children and young adults, enabling them to participate with civil society representatives and help educational institutions - perhaps you are pursuing very similar project ideas or tinkering with new approaches in order to advance educational work with digital engagement? Then you might find our supported project ideas inspiring, feel free to get in touch and spread the word!

What does digital.engagiert offer?

digital.engagiert starts with what is often a pressing need: individualized coaching, practical assistance, and a network of experts and like-minded people. Each project is matched with a coach who advises project teams’ progress as a sparring partner for six months - in personal meetings or via video conferences. At the kick-off event on 9 and 10 May 2019 in Berlin, the participants met their coaches for the first time and discussed individual project needs together. All participants also benefit from an extensive training program with additional experts - from experienced social entrepreneurs to programmers and education experts. In the second round, cross-mentoring and peer-to-peer exchange with digital.engagiert alumni is also offered.

In addition to the free coaching program, participants also receive financial support totalling 120,000 euros which is distributed evenly across the projects (i.e. 10,000 euros per project). Amazon Web Services (AWS), as a technology partner of digital.engagiert, offers interested participants credits for using the cloud infrastructure for their digital solutions. Stifterverband contributes its expertise and network in the field of education.

The digital.engagiert jury consists of high-level experts from civil society, education, and the digital economy. It selected 12 project ideas to be supported, and at the end of the six month period the progress of all participants is acknowledged at a final event where three teams are highlighted as winners. The winners will receive additional prize money totalling 30,000 euros.

Who makes digital.engagiert possible?

digital.engagiert is a support initiative of Amazon and Stifterverband. It brings together numerous central organizations and interesting personalities from civil society, the education sector, and the digital economy. There is one shared goal: provide the 12 participating teams with best-possible support and suitable expertise for making progress with their project ideas.

„How can digital engagement strengthen learners, especially children and youth, and improve their participation and education?“



It's in Amazon's DNA to help others succeed through a variety of digital solutions - whether they're retailers selling their products through Amazon, authors using Amazon's devices and services for publishing, or companies using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services. Amazon actively opens its doors to the social sector with digital.engagiert, building on its experience with assisting entrepreneurs technologically as well as sharing its employees’ entrepreneurial know-how.


Stifterverband is a joint initiative started by companies and foundations – the only one in Germany to be devoted entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation. Around 3,000 companies, business associations, foundations, and private individuals have joined forces under the umbrella of Stifterverband to promote science and education. With funding programs, analyses, and recommendations for action, Stifterverband contributes to Germany’s innovation ecosystem: top universities, strong research institutions, and a fruitful exchange between economics and science. Stifterverband supports more than 670 foundations with total assets of around three billion euros. With digital.engagiert, Stifterverbandcontributesitsextensiveexperiencewithcivilsocietyprojects and its broad social sector network. More information can be found at

The Initiative’s Patron

Dorothee Bär
Dorothee Bär

Minister of State for Digitalisation
at the Federal Chancellery

The Jury

Ralf Kleber

Ralf Kleber

Amazon, Country Manager

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlüter

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlüter

Stifterverband, Secretary General

Dr. Joana Breidenbach
©Nils Hasenau

Dr. Joana Breidenbach

betterplace lab, Founder

Jutta Croll

Jutta Croll

Digital Opportunities Foundation,
Chairwoman of the board

Norbert Kunz

Norbert Kunz

Director, Social Impact

Johannes Landstorfer

Johannes Landstorfer

German Caritas Association e.V.,
Coordinator Digital Agenda

Prof. Dr. Wibke Riekmann

Prof. Dr. Wibke Riekmann

Professor of Theory and Practice in Social Pedagogy, Medical School Hamburg

Andre Riemer
©Henning Schacht

Andre Riemer

Federal Ministry of the Interior,
Coordinator Digital Agenda

Gudrun Schwind-Gick

Gudrun Schwind-Gick

Head of Education, German Olympic Sports Confederation

Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe

Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe

Professor for Digital Media in Education, Computer Science, University of Bremen

The Coaches

Elias Barrasch

Elias Barrasch

Co-Founder Education Innovation Lab und Design Thinking Coach

Louise Buscham

Louise Buscham

Project Coordinator, Stiftung Bürgermut

Jonas Deister
©Andi Weiland

Jonas Deister

Sozialhelden e.V., Managing Director

Scott Goldner

Scott Goldner

Individual and Organizational Development,
The DO School

Jeannette Gusko

Jeannette Gusko

GoFundMe, Head of DACH Office

Philipp Knodel

Philipp Knodel

Founder & CEO, App Camps

Markus Kressler

Markus Kressler

Founder, Kiron Open Higher Education

Johannes Müller

Johannes Müller

Chairman of the Board, CorrelAid e.V.

Vivian Otto

Vivian Otto

Managing Director, Jourvie

Anne Pahl
©Sebastian Schütz

Anne Pahl, Co-operations & Community

Markus Sauerhammer

Markus Sauerhammer

Social Entrepreneurship Network
Germany e.V., Board of directors

Claudia Winkler

Claudia Winkler

Goood e.V., Co-founder


Patrick Gilroy

Patrick Gilroy

Stifterverband, +49 30 322 982-317

Lydia Markowski

Lydia Markowski

Stifterverband, +49 30 322 982-303

Participating Projects 2019


    Nowadays social media is one of the most important sources of information for many people - although we do not necessarily know what to trust and what to reveal. Correctiv wants to help everyone become their own editor-in-chief: Reporterfabrik was founded in 2019 - and with the help of digital.engagiert it aims to become a civic academy for media literacy and give everyone the opportunity to train themselves digitally, acquire research and reporting skills, and develop a new relationship to the public sphere.

    Markus Kressler, founder of Kiron Open Higher Education, supports CORRECTIV as coach.

  • Facilita

    Increase the attractiveness and recognition of volunteer work - this is what the Facilita platform has set out to do. The framework enables organizations and associations to identify which competences volunteers develop through their engagement and to offer individualized support. This allows volunteers to reach their full learning potential. The Facilita team wants to use the support from digital.engagiert to measure and display personal development in real time using a dashboard.

    Jeanette Gusko, Head of the DACH office of GoFundMe, supports Facilita as coach.

  • Hacky Days

    How can we break down barriers in mindsets and overcome everyday hurdles when it comes to people with disabilities? Through mini-hackathons and digital learning platforms, Hacky Days’ team allows children to come up with their own ideas for how to improve the lives of those with disabilities in their neighborhood, school, or free time. Digital tools offer unique potential for many social challenges - why not also for inclusion?

    Jonas Deister, Managing Director of Sozialhelden e.V., supports Hacky Days as coach.

  • Kinderchorland

    Make cultural participation possible for all children from early on: This is the goal of Deutsche Chorjugend e.V.. An interactive web application is to serve as an information and networking portal for actors in the children’s choir scene and support children's choirs, especially in rural areas, with technical input, financing strategies, conferences, and nationwide days of action - now the portal just has to be built!

    Elias Barrasch, co-founder of the Education Innovation Lab and Design Thinking Coach, supports Kinderchorland as coach.

  • Labosium

    Labosium is an intuitive video platform where children can recreate scientific projects - from a potato battery to a dynamo to a programmable robot. With the right explanation, anything is possible and learning can be fun again! Anyone can access Labosium, be it from home or in schools and kindergartens - the aim is to make modern and equal opportunity learning concepts possible!

    Philipp Knodel, co-founder of AppCamps, supports Labosium as coach.

  • LEE. “Everyone needs a Lee.” 

    LEE is an app-based mentoring program for LGBTIQ+ youth and young adults seeking to give everyone the opportunity to embrace their own sexual orientation and gender identity in an inclusive and non-discriminatory community. LEE is still at the beginning of its implementation phase: in the long run, the project should boost personal growth and social integration of LGBTIQ+ young people with the help of digital.engagiert. (**LGBTIQ+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Inter and Queer)

    Scott Goldner, Individual and Organizational Development at The DO School, supports LEE as coach.

  • OderDojo

    Neuland 21 e.V. and CoderDojo Deutschland e.V. find: In the 21st century, every child should have the opportunity to learn programming languages and the handling of hardware in addition to foreign languages. Especially in rural areas, however, digital learning opportunities are scarce - a problem that the two partners want to solve within digital.engagiert - with open workshops in a playful and project-oriented manner (initially in the pilot region of East Brandenburg).

    Louise Buscham, project coordinator at the Stiftung Bürgermut, supports #OderDojo as coach.

  • Politik zum Anfassen e.V.

    Politik zum Anfassen stands for more democracy and less populism through better citizen participation in local politics. In addition to providing online materials and courses, their participation learning platform is intended to offer local politicians the opportunity to exchange ideas among themselves - in order to further involve their fellow citizens in decisions on this basis. Within digital.engagiert, the platform is now being built!

    Markus Sauerhammer, executive committee of SEND e.V. (Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany), supports Politik zum Anfassen as coach.

  • perfect island

    In the project workshops of "perfect island", students create their vision of an ideal society - supported by digital tools for photo editing, virtual design of 2D and 3D environments, or 3D printing. In parallel to the workshops, an artist of an Oldenburger Kunstschule studio in cooperation with cultural and educational institutions will offer the opportunity to work together on real utopias for inner cities.

    Anne Pahl, responsible for cooperation and community at, supports perfect island as coach.

  • German Red Cross

    How can we train first responders in the 21st century? The German Red Cross (DRK) Kreisverband Herford has an idea: With virtual reality, paramedics can be qualified in a realistic and specific way independent of location, no matter if they are full-timers or volunteers. At digital.engagiert, the first step will be to standardize individual learning modules in virtual space and make them available to participants.

    Vivian Otto, Managing Director of Jourvie, supports the DRK Kreisverband as coach.

  • Racketmind Badminton

    A new top athlete in Germany - but this time in badminton? Racketmind Badminton aims to raise the profile of badminton in schools and clubs. It is developing a platform to simplify the qualification of prospective trainers by reducing absences and making expert internal knowledge available online throughout Germany. Public assistance at the click of a mouse will also help to transport knowledge quickly and simply. The idea is still in its infancy - and is to be implemented professionally with the help of digital.engagiert.

    Johannes Müller, CEO of CorrelAid, supports Racketmind Badminton as coach.


    Teoleo encourages children to be what they are: Little world explorers who know exactly what they need to develop healthy and strong personalities. The app inspires parents and other caregivers to playfully encourage their children's natural thirst for discovery with stories, movement impulses, or simple experiments. The app already exists: Now all that's missing is to make progress in scaling the idea, with support from digital.engagiert. Claudia Winkler, Co-Founder of goood e.V., supports TEOLEO as coach.


digital.engagiert’s First Round

Participants in 2018

Participants in 2018

By December 2017, 160 non-profit organizations and social enterprises applied for the digital.engagiert support initiative of Amazon and Stifterverband - 15 of them were selected by a jury and invited to participate in the coaching program. Whether social entrepreneurs, club members or volunteers from student initiatives, all applicants sought to advance the digitization of civil society with innovative ideas - the selection was therefore difficult. The criteria: Project ideas must address a clear need in civil society work, facilitate civil society work, provide a technology-based approach, and ideally be scalable.

  • KARL der Ökobot

  • Data Science for Social Good Berlin Reichweite

  • Ackerdemia e.V. GemüseAckerdemie

  • DayCare Technology gUG

  • LandesSportBund Niedersachsen e.V.

  • Enactus, Leibniz Universität Hannover e.V. Pfandschaf(f)t

  • Fearless Democracy e.V. HateAid

  • Ginsheim-Gustavsburger Tafel e.V. SOLVE!

  • innatura gGmbH Spenden statt wegwerfen

  • Kultur Life gGmbH Macht der Sprache

  • Momontum

  • Phineo gAG Wirk-O-Meter

  • tatkräftig e.V.

  • Turning Tables Deutschland

  • Vostel Volunteering UG

  • Vincent Zimmer

    Vincent ZimmerKiron Open Higher Education, Founder

  • Anne Pahl

    Anne, Co-operations & Community

  • Andre Wilkens

    Andre WilkensThe Open Society, Director, Board Member and Co-Founder

  • Nancy Birkhölzer

    Nancy BirkhölzerIXDS, Managing Partner

  • Sebastian Schwiecker

    Sebastian SchwieckerClarat, Chief Technology Officer

  • Claudia Winkler

    Claudia WinklerGoood e.V., Co-founder

  • Prof. Dr. Heike Hölzner

    Prof. Dr. Heike HölznerHTW Berlin and Sirius Minds GmbH, Professor and founder

  • Markus Sauerhammer

    Markus SauerhammerSocial Entrepreneurship Network Germany e.V., Board of Directors

  • Bea Polei

    Bea PoleiBürgermut Foundation, Assistant to the Board of Directors

  • Jonas Deister

    Jonas DeisterSozialhelden e.V., Managing Director

  • Hannes Klöpper

    Hannes KlöpperIversity, Founder

  • Dr. Diana Knodel

    Dr. Diana KnodelApp Camps, Founder & Managing Director

  • Jeannette Gusko

    Jeannette GuskoGoFundMe, Head of DACH Office

  • Kevin Gehrmann

    Kevin GehrmannAmazon Web Services, Account Manager

  • Ekaterina Alipiev

    Ekaterina AlipievJourvie, Founder

Coaches in 2018

Even before digital.engagiert really started and the participants were announced, our superstar coaches had already been determined: The initiators of digital.engagiert were able to onboard recognized experts from civil society and the digital economy, social entrepreneurship, and the education sector for the task of supporting a project team with advice and action. At the kick-off meeting in March 2018, the participants met their coaches for the first time.


What is digital.engagiert?

digital.engagiert s a support initiative of Amazon and Stifterverband. It supports civil society engagement for a digital future of education. We are looking for projects that digitally complement educational formats and services or completely rethink them - so that the next generation can develop necessary future skills.

How did the idea for digital.engagiert come about?

digital.engagiert merged from the observation that there is still a lot of room for digital innovation in civil society and education. Those who get involved in educational projects do so in their spare time - on top of work and family. Digital innovations can help to use this valuable time even more purposefully and effectively. They can also help to reach a wider audience, new target groups, or like-minded people. Especially in the field of education, the right digital approaches can empower children and youth, enabling them to participate in civil society and to help improve educational institutions.

Why is Amazon committed to digital.engagiert?

It's in Amazon's DNA to help others succeed through a variety of digital solutions - whether they're retailers selling their products through Amazon, authors using Amazon's devices and services for publishing, or companies using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services. Amazon actively opens its doors to the social sector with digital.engagiert, building on its experience with assisting entrepreneurs technologically as well as sharing its employees’ entrepreneurial know-how.

Why is Stifterverband committed to digital.engagiert?

Stifterverband is the only joint initiative of companies and foundations that provides consulting, networking, and holistic support in the fields of education, science, and innovation. Within the framework of digital.engagiert, Stifterverband contributes its extensive experience with civil society projects, the German educational landscape, and its broad network in the social sector.

What do participants get out of being involved in digital.engagiert?

In addition to a tailor-made training program, all participants receive individual support and advice from their own coach who advises project teams’ progress as a sparring partner for six months. Each selected project receives a base funding of 10,000 euros. At the end of 2019, the progress of all participants is acknowledged at a final event where three teams are highlighted as winners. The winners will receive additional prize money totalling 30,000 euros.

How does digital.engagiert define education?

Education is often understood as what someone knows or can do. However, education also refers to an open process of lifelong and continuous learning, about topics and skills, also regarding one’s character. The concept of education at digital.engagiert is therefore broad: initiatives oriented towards the common good wishing to exploit the potential of digitization for formal as well as informal or non-formal education were invited to submit their project ideas. In other words: we do have in mind civil society engagement for the state education system from daycare to vocational school or university (formal education); but also the extracurricular empowerment regarding future skills (non-formal education); as well as lifelong learning processes that convey values, skills and knowledge (informal education). In practice, these three approaches naturally intertwine and reinforce each other, which is also important.